Lack of a Budget Creates Immediate Deep Cuts to People with IDD

Last week as fiscal year 2017 drew to a close without a budget, Governor Malloy gave legislators a choice: either pass a “mini budget” to fund the state until a 2018-2019 biennial budget is reached or he would impose his draconian Executive Order Resource Allocation Plan to run the state until a budget is passed.
Legislators met last Thursday to consider this, but chose not to vote on the mini budget which would have mitigated some of the impact of the $44 million in cuts to community supports for people with IDD in the Governor’s Resource Allocation Plan. 
What’s Happening Now?
Governor Malloy has implemented his Resource Allocation Plan and has been running the state by Executive Order since last Saturday, July 1, 2017.  He will continue to operate the state under this plan until a budget agreement is reached.
Last week when speaking to the press, Majority Leader Matt Ritter said, “Going 7-10 or even 14 days into the fiscal year without a budget isn’t ideal, but it’s not going to lead to any draconian cuts.” 
Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. 
The Governor’s plan specifically targets people with IDD who receive their services in the community and providers for the harshest cuts, while leaving massive overtime and institutional costs at DDS relatively untouched. 
Commissioner Scheff has sent a letter to providers outlining how DDS plans to implement the Governor’s plan through funding reductions, reduced programming, and furlough days to existing services. 
As a result, funding to The Arc of Southington will be cut by up to $500,000 which will drastically effect all of our programs! 
What We Can Do
Nothing is written in stone. If all of us who care about funding for people with IDD take action and speak with one unified voice, we can show legislators that balancing the budget by denying people with IDD a chance at a life in the community is the wrong choice. 
Our goal right now: 
We need push legislators to agree on a budget NOW. The longer the state is run under the Governor’s austerity plan, the more we will see cuts in services, program closures and layoffs.  
1. Contact your own legislators & the House Democratic Leadership. 
  • Tell them people with IDD need a budget that funds community supports NOW. 
House Democratic Leaders:
Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz – (860) 240-8500, 
Majority Leader Matt Ritter – (860) 240-8585,
Chair of Appropriations Toni Walker – (860) 240-8585,